Simplified Minion travel guide to Hoi An, Vietnam

I was like what – we’re going to Vietnam? That is sweeeeeeet. YOLO. We hit a few spots and it was chill, but my favourite was HOI AN.

Before going to Vietnam

Well make sure you’re passports not expired – duh. I hope you’re looking as glowing as me in your passport photo.


And get your visa in advance from the Embassy in your country at least a week in advance (set me back 50euro) – there should also be an express option if you want it a bit quicker.

You can also order a visa online and collect it in the airport in Vietnam. But if you’re coming from far far away land you will feel pretty smug cruising through emigration while those other suckers who ordered online are waiting for their visa and you get to go earlier to your hostel to sleep after your 15 hour flight (or party minion style)!

How to get to Hoi An

First, if you’re coming from abroad to Vietnam you should fly to either Hanoi or Saigon Airport (check on skyscanner for the best deals). I, myself, flew with Emirates because I like their inflight entertainment – the Minions obviously.

Getting there from wherever you are in Vietnam is cheeeaaaap. I took an overnight bus from Nha Trang – which is already a twelve hour bus ride from Saigon in the south (Vietnamese overnight buses are actually pretty comfortable and you also save on one night’s accommodation- score) for approximately 13 dollars and then arrived in the early morning.  Internal flights are also inexpensive if you need to save on time. Check again on skyscanner for that.

What to eat

Restaurant wise try out Phuong (some famous guy called Anthony Bourdain – never heard of him either – ate banh mi here and he said it was A-OK). I thought it was reasonable.

You should definitely drink Bubble tea – that’s right – BUBBLES!! Bubble tea is delicious and filled with all different flavours of jelly.

Eat some Pho (prounounced puh) – speciality Vietnamese soup

Cao Lau is Hoi An’s exclusive noodle dish made with noodles, pork and greens.


Where to go

The beach – There’s a chill little beach that you can cycle to from the town. There’s not a whole lot happening, but it’s pretty so is nice for a walk, a swim and there’s some nice little restaurants beside it.

Markets – go shopping. The big thing in Hoi An is to get clothes tailored and you will see places everywhere for that. Being a minion I rarely have problems finding clothes in my size so I gave it a miss.

Old town – Just walking around the Old Town is pretty friggin’ awesome! You can buy just about anything you want from teapots to hats to…drugs (but don’t buy drugs!) There are loads of cute little temples to visit in the old town too.



Excursions – possible to also visit the famous temples in My Son and  the Marble Mountains in Da Nang (both about an hour away from Hoi An so best to take a taxi!)

Where I stayed

Little Leo Homestay for 7euro a night (dorms). It was nicee, I had some sweet dreams and there was free bicycle rentals, breakfast included, and they also serve some pretty tasty Vietnamese cold coffee with milk.


How to avoid locals harassing you to get you to buy stuff

As the locals depend on tourists for their money, it’s not easy to avoid being ‘harrassed’ for your moola!! Being a minion I have figured out that the best way to avoid people harassing you is to SMILE and be yellow. People will be overcome by your cuteness and forget they were trying to sell you things.  However, no tactic is full proof in Hoi An as some of the sellers are super persuasive – this woman forced me to buy bananas as three times the going rate!



Well that was a pretty smokin’ trip!! I’d recommend Hoi An to minions and humans alike.



  1. Tine · February 12, 2016

    Wauw, great guide! And may I say that you look dashing on you photo!


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